Friday, May 24, 2013

A mocking bird

Adam Pilachowski
May 22 13

    A mocking bird called Boo Radley

Boo Radley is a character in the book the Mockingbird. .Boo faced many obstacles in his life.  His first obstacles was that he had no friends.  Boo had been charged with a crime of hurting his father with scissors.  He was innocent of doing the crime, but he still went to jail. All of the people in the town were afraid of Boo because they thought he was dangerous.  Boo Radley was actually a very nice person. He didn't leave his house because people made fun of him wherever he went.   The children in the town made up stories about him and said that he ate squirrels and cats.  (Boo was about six and a half feet tall, judging from his tracks, he dined on raw squirrels and any cats he could catch that is why his hands were blood-stained and if you ate an animal raw, you could never was the blood off, Lee, page 16)

Boo Radleys was very lonely.  His brother Nathan did not like him and his own father had him arrested when Boo was younger.  Boo had no friends and never left his house to make friends. Boo Radley spent his days alone and sad. The children in the neighborhood would run into his yard and touch the porch and turn around and run away.   He was misunderstood.  Even when he went to help people, rumors about him were hard to overcome. One night when there was a fire on the street, Scout was outside in the street and Boo and put a blanket on her.  She didn't notice at first, but then realized that Boo Radley had placed the blanket on her.  She was scared of the kind gesture because of Boos reputation,  (“My stomach turned to water and I nearly threw up when Jem held out the blanket and crept toward me)Lee, 72

Other obstacles facing boo was his fear of leaving the house.  One night Jem and Scout were attacked by an angry man, Boo came to their rescue and saved them from death.  Boo put his own fears aside to come to their aid.  

Prejudice is a major obstacle that Boo Radley had to overcome.  In the beginning, Boo is thought to be a killer.  In the end, it is realized that he is just an innocent man.  He is compared to a Mockingbird that is a innocent, good creature.     (“Mockingbirds don’t do one thing but make music for us to enjoy.  They dont eat people, gardens, don’t nest in corncribs, they don’t do one thing but sing their hearts out for us.  That is why it is  a sin to kill a mockingbird”), Lee, p10.

Boo Radley overcame many obstacles in this book.  He was lonely, feared and misunderstood.  In the end of the book, Boo proved that he is an innocent, good person who really wanted to be liked and accepte

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The old man of the essay

OLD MAN AND THE SEA  by Ernest Hemingway, Scribner  paperback Paperback Fiction, 1952.  Genre: Fiction

    The The Old Man and the Sea was about an old  Cuban fisherman.  The old man’s name is Santiago. The story takes place  in the  Cuban waters off tof the Gulf of  Mexico.  His  problem is that he can't catch a fish.  He feels unlucky.  Santiago has to prove  to himself  and the other fisherman that he can still catch a big fish. Santiago   does catch a giant Marlin at the end.

“This is a touching, yet realistic portrait of courage, determination and triumph over adversity”,  James W. Holly, reviewer from Weathland  Wyoming.

I chose this quote because I think Santiago showed  a lot  of courage  by going out by himself and a lot of determination because he hadn't caught a fish in  84 days.

I found that the book’s writing style contained alot of imagery.  “Everything about him was old except his eyes, and they were the same color as the sea and were  cheerful and undefeated” (10). This use of language made me feel sorry for  Santiago.   Every day he would go out and never catch a fish but he was happy.

Comparing the Old Man and the Sea  to the Blind  Side t found the same theme  of determination  is very similar.  In contrast, in the blind side  the main character had a lot of recognition for his accomplishments but in the Old Man and the Sea, Santiago does not get any credit for what he does

The quote “A man can be destroyed but not defeated means that  despite  Santiago's daily struggle to catch a fish he continues to go out everyday and never gives up.  An example of this would be playing on losing teams in baseball but I continued to play despite a losing record.

I enjoyed this book because of the underlying fishing theme.  I want to one day go fishing for Marlin and try to bring in one of these powerful fish,.

3 Paws  

Monday, March 11, 2013

treasure hunt

Adam Pilachowski

1 want my reader to get out of this paper that i want them to understand my story.

2. It was easy to write about someone finding treasure.
3. It was difficult to write the ending i had a blank for like 10 mins.

4 . I want my reader to say to think i had a good story . I want my reader to think if are my characters are good.

In the year 1804, my dad got sick. He needed 1000 dollars to get better. The 1000 dollars was to buy the medicine to cure his illness. This medicine was so expensive because it was made of gold. The only way I could help him was to earn the money or better yet, to find some gold. I had heard that there was treasure hidden on an island in the middle of the Pacific. This treasure was rumored to be buried on an Island called Molokai.

I was a very good treasure hunter and I had learned many skills to find treasure from some pirates I had sailed with in the past. I had been on many expeditions and I learned from the best. I had sailed a large ship in the past, so all I needed was a decent boat and a crew. The first person I asked was my brother John. He was willing to come along because he too wanted to help. Between to two of us, we pooled our money to rent the biggest and fastest sailboat in the Pacific. John was very good at reading nautical maps, so even though he was my brother, he was the best shipmate I could have picked. This trip needed to happen as soon as possible because my father only had a few months to live without a cure. We set sail within the first week of January.

By the second week of January we had reached the mysterious Island. It was almost impossible to get to shore because the waves were so big and the island was surrounded by rock. We were afraid to run aground or put a hole in the ship from the jagged lava rock. Luckily, we maneuvered around the rocks and landed safely on the north side of the island. This is where we anchored and rowed ashore.

For the next two weeks we searched the entire island. It was rumored that the treasure was hidden in a cave within the jungle. The problems was finding the cave. We hiked the island for over two weeks, but was unsuccessful. Just when we were about to give up, we heard a strange noise coming from the distance. We followed the noise, and hidden behind some monkey pod trees was the entrance to the cave. Inside the cave, we saw over a million bats. John and I walked past the bats who were clinging to the ceiling of the cave. We walked inside the cave for hours exploring its tunnels. This journey through the tunnel was long and scary with booby traps along the way. Inside the cave were bones of previous explorers who had died along the way, no doubt searching for the same treasure that John and I was searching for.

John and I spent the night in the cave hoping to find the treasure the next day. When we woke up the next day, we continued searching for the treasure. My brother and I started looking for the treasure again. We looked all day and all night for three more days. We stopped and decided to rest While resting, we started talking about maybe there is no treasure after all . My brother started blaming me. He said, “ its all your fault”. This made me real mad, so i pushed him. John pushed me back. John pushed me so hard, I fell on the ground. When I was on the ground, Ii noticed a huge X. I grabbed my brother and Ii said, “ stop, look!”. My brother, stopped for a moment, looked up and said, “get the shovels” . We got our shovels and started digging and digging. We stayed out in the cave digging for 8 hours. On the ninth hour, all of a sudden there was a huge bang. Our shovels had hit something very hard. We found what we were looking for we thought. We found a huge treasure chest, but it had a lock on it and it seemed very heavy. We kept hitting the lock with the shovels and the lock broke. We opened the lock and the chest was full of gold, diamonds, and gold coins. We carefully lifted the chest and made our way back to the ship. We set sail back home the very next day.

While on the ship, we made a promise that every piece of this money would go to helping my dad. If there was any leftover money, we would split it evenly. We headed back to Massachusetts where we were from. The journey back home took longer than we thought and when we finally got there, my dad was gravely ill. He had very little time left. We took our treasure to the nearest Doctor who traded some coins for the cure that we needed. We hurried home and gave it to my father. My father took the medicine every day for a week and slowly he got better. After my father made a full recovery, my brother John and I went shopping. We bought our own ship and decided to continue our adventures and search for more treasure.

John and I have been back to the island several more times since we found the treasure. It is our favorite island in the Pacific. Later on when my father was feeling much better, we both brought him to the island so we could show him the island that saved his life. We showed him the secret cave with the many tunnels running through it. During the last visit to the island, the three of us decided to spend the rest of our lives there. The island had everything we wanted. We built a home next to a waterfall and spent the rest of our time on the island. We traveled back and forth to the mainland whenever we needed to, but returned to the peaceful island that brought us much luck. The three of us lived happily ever after on the magical island of Molokai.

Friday, January 11, 2013


Adam Pilachowski
There are two meaningful things in my life that i value. The priceless thing is going to the gym for my three a week workouts, and the item of price is my cell phone.

The gym,which is my princess moment in life, is extremely improved to me in so many ways. From the moment i entered gym and say hi to my personal trainer , my excitement builds. I hear the sound of music, usually country, blaring from the nearby booom boom box i can see weights and variety to people exercising.In the gym i do front sqauats, dead lift, chin ups and dumd bells, but my favorite thing to do is benchng. i like to bench a lot and my highest weight has been 24. My goals is when I am senior i can bench 400. Another favorite part of the gym is the camaraderie between my trainer and my self. We talk about upcoming baseball season, diet and protein shakes,i talk alot about school with my trainer and they keep me in line if i am bad at school, the trainers find out and i have to vacuum the office and the gym. The trainers at the and they keep me in line. If i am bad in school and if they find out i have to vacuum the office and the gym . The trainers at the gym call the powerhouse my second home because i am always there. If i miss a workout for any reason during the week, i make it up right away.

I like my cell phone because it is always with me. It is my priced possession the one thing about my cell phone is that it connects me to my friends. It is also a great source of information for me. I think my cell phone has helped me for my dyslexia because i can look up things on up on it. I has also helped me with typing on a keyboard faster and better communication . M teacher downloaded a program called go read which helps me to red on my phone. she also downloaded a copy of my permit book so i can study my driving test . My favorite part of my phone is my music. I enjoy listening to music especially during study times white helps me with my dyslexia to help me focus. Thank you for listening to my priced and priceless items.